RSVP Mini 70th Birthday Reunion

Event Details

Friday, Sept 30, 2016
Pep Assembly - North High School -Traditional Gym - 2:30 pm
Come and find your class members or just enjoy the pep assembly and then head over to Heights HS.
Tail Gate Party/Football Game - Heights HS  - 5:30 pm parking lot!
How hard do we want to work? Any Volunteers to Grill?
Bring a food item & drink to eat before the game. You can buy items at concession stand at the north end of field. Can't take food or drinks inside staidum. Look for our Class Banner! We'll try to sit together. 
Saturday, Oct 1, 8:00 am - Noon  Come & Go! -
Room F110 9:00 am for a Quick Picture before you tour building.
Come early if you want to eat pancakes. We have a classroom, F110, to gather and visit with our class members or check out the other classrooms for someone you might know. If you want to know where one class is meeting I'm sure the'll have a list posted. Attend the Induction and Reception or Tour the building to see all the changes. 
  • We would like to nominate someone next year for the Hall of Fame, but need your suggestions. Deadline came quick before we had a chance to get a nominee submitted this year. 

Saturday, Oct 1, 6:30 - Resturant (DeFazios - 2706 N. Amidon Ave.)
Everyone will order off the menu and pay for the evening that night. Great time to visit and celebrate our 70th Birthday together. Hope you'll plan to attend part or all of the weekend and connect up with your friends, or class members you haven't seen since the last time. The 50th Reunion was in 2014 and we'll start planning for the 55th Reunion in the next year or two. Any suggestions on what you want to do or if you'd like to join in the planning let Carolyn Zackula Tschetter, or know.